Wapa: Lesbian Dating App Review

lesbian dating app WapaYou thought that no one was bringing the lesbians in, get ready for Wapa! Your long search for the perfect lesbian dating app has joyfully come to an end today. Previously known as Brenda, Wapa caters to lesbian women who want to find a connection. As an app that was launched on the basis that it is quite challenging to find a good lesbian dating app, and it has certainly not disappointed! The app currently boasts of more than 300,000 members who are committed to the cause. The good news is that this is among the few lesbian dating aps that does not require you to connect to your Facebook account.

Key Features

One thing is for sure, Wapa has placed all the necessary measures in place to ensure that you enjoy a more secure dating experience.

Private photos

You are able to lock your photos and determine who can see them. However, the number of photos that you have is stated in your public profile.

Easy contact

Users on free membership can send and receive messages and send photos without any limitations but only premium users can save the photos to their device.

Built-in translation

This feature serves premium users who want to chat with lesbians in other countries but encounter a language barrier.


As Wapa accommodates members from all over the world, it is easy to browse and interact with users in 160 countries. You can Wapa in whichever country you choose to go.


This is what makes Wapa more secure than other similar platforms. You can choose to access your account only using a passcode. Thus, you do not have to worry about the safety of your account.


This will let you see who viewed your profile.


Wapa makes it possible to send and receive free messages

Push notifications

You do not have to remain logged into Wapa to remainupdated on what is going on. Push notifications ensures that you are updated even when Wapa is asleep.


During your search, you can save time by viewing the women that you are only interested in.

Membership Prices

Wapa’s membership subscription is pretty straight forward. While you can enjoy free membership, you can also choose to sign up as a premium member in order to enjoy even more of the app’s features.

The subscription breakdown is as follows:

  • £2.99 / Month for one month
  • £1.67 / Month for 12 months

These prices are highly reasonable for all of the app's members. The payments are automatically auto renewed. You can also choose to renew or upgrade your subscription as you desire. Always keep in mind that no refunds are allowed when your subscription is active.


  • Free membership for users who do not want to upgrade to a premium subscription
  • Geo-location system that will enable you to find 500 members or matches who are near you
  • Built-in translator that eliminates any language barrier that may be experienced when talking to members from various countries.
  • No ads that will interrupt your chatting moments
  • Members can freely upload up to 10 photos
  • Use of a four-digit passcode to protect your account
  • Unlimited messaging system for both free and premium members
  • Members can interact using short video messages


Wapa may come with these few concerns but this does not hinder the success rate of the app:

  • Limited features for members on free membership
  • Subscription payment can be auto-renewed without knowledge of the member
  • Inactive user profiles especially if they are your suggested matches. This means that you may not make a viable connection.

Bottom Line

Wapa is a lesbian dating app that everyone will thoroughly enjoy. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to get around and no possibility of fake profiles. Granted, a solid lesbian community was hard to establish but this app has found a way to make long lasting connections. There may be a few inactive profiles here and there but a majority of the users re actively seeking a connection. The app is exciting in ways more than one. If you have not signed up then you are definitely missing out on the best ride of your life. Do not waste any time gaining your Wapa membership.