Dos and Don'ts of Lesbian Dating

lesbian dating guideAre you excited to go out on a date? Don't go leave the house without any preparation. There are a lot of things to remember unless you want to go home disappointed. Besides, you want to leave a good impression on your date so you wouldn't waste all that money. Here are a few dos and don'ts of lesbian dating:

Do show your creativeness.

For your first date, a simple dinner would do. However, if you really want to impress her, you can use your creativity and invite her to a different type of a date. Of course, it would require a little stalking on her social media profiles to find out her hobbies. For example, if she likes hiking then why not invite her to hike the nearest mountain?

Don't spend much time on your phone.

No matter how many texts you're getting, it's the time to ignore them all. Nobody would appreciate if you just text all the time in your date. Hence, it would be better to put your phone in your silent mode. Besides, you can reply to all the messages you missed after the date. In fact, the only time you should bring out your phone is when you want to show her pictures of a story you're telling her about.

Do bring up a topic.

Nobody wants to be with someone who just stares you directly in the face the entire time. Hence, it would be better to come prepared to the date by researching the latest trending news. Even if you hate doing it, it wouldn't hurt to read the news for a few minutes. For example, you may want her opinion on the acceptance speech of the celebrity who won Best Actress at the recently concluded awards night.

Don't be late

Once you set a venue for the first date, you must leave work early so you won't be late. Even if you leave early, you must still take all the shortcuts you know of and use all the map apps you have on your phone. Nobody appreciates being kept waiting even if it's for just a few minutes. No matter what excuse you may have, your date would have none of it especially if she's dressed nicely. Besides, it would be a lot better to arrive early at the venue instead of arriving late.

Do ask follow-up questions

When she starts to answer your questions, it would be a great idea to ask follow-up questions. Not only will this give her an idea that you're listening, it also goes to show that you're very interested in her. You can tell she will react great to that. After all, everyone loves talking about themselves. For example, when she tells you about the company she works for, you can ask her how long she's been there and what she does in the company. When she answers the follow-up questions, there are many more questions you can ask and the conversation will only become more fun.

Don't mention ex-girlfriends.

I'm sure everyone has their own story about their ex-girlfriends. However, this is not something you should share to your date. She will end up concluding you aren't over your ex and will not take you seriously. The only time you should mention your ex-girlfriends is if she asks about them. However, don't tell stories about your relationship with them anymore.

Do bring something thoughtful.

Your date may not show it at first but she will definitely appreciate it if you bring a friendly token. It would symbolize that you appreciate that she showed up for your date. Also, it will be something she will remember the date by even if it doesn't work out. Some nice items to bring would be flowers or a bottle of wine.

Don't introduce her to your friends.

On the first date, it would be really awkward to bring along your friends. It should be just the two of you and nobody else. Since it's your first date, it should be very intimate. No matter how much you want to introduce your best friend or your parents, you should wait until you're confident about her. Therefore, it would be best to introduce your friends and family after a month of consistent lesbian dating.