9 Lesbian Dating Tips That'll Get You The Date of Your Dreams

lesbian dateKnowing your sexual orientation is a beautiful thing. Whether you're into men if you're a woman or vice versa, the feeling of attraction is wonderful. But what if as a woman you realize that you're into other women? Don't worry, it's okay to be different. You shouldn't feel ashamed of it. The challenge comes in identifying a female partner since not many people are for same-sex relationships. It's not easy getting a helping hand along this frowned-upon path. The good news is, there's a woman out there for you. If you're new to the world of lesbianism, here are some simple tips to help you in the game of lesbian dating:

1. Try online dating

One of the benefits of technology is it makes things, including interaction, a piece of cake. There are so many lesbian sites on social media to choose from. Just google them and you'll find a variety. This will save you the agony of going around looking for, or probably waiting for, your life partner. If you're shy, you won't have to worry about the awkward feeling of meeting someone new for the first time. It's a no-brainer.

2. Get creative

One of the things that'll definitely get you a hot date is your level of creativity. Instead of making reservations at some fancy hotel, try a simple dinner outdoors with a firewood fire. Better yet, know what she's into and get some ideas from there. Whichever the case, try and step out of the ordinary dates. Don't be super weird too, or you'll freak her out.

3. Take things easy

It's good that you've decided to embrace your sexuality, but it'll be better if you take things slowly. Instead of rushing outside with an 'I'm a lesbian' sign around your neck, take some time to know your preferences, and if you're ready for dating. Once you put a tick on this tip, then you're ready to face all the challenges that come with gayness head-on.

4. Explore new territory

If you're a stay-at-home person or spend most of your time in the office, your chances of finding a partner are slim. Make an effort of going to places you've never been before, such as a new mall you've never visited or a party. Just make sure that the party's for gay people so that you're free to express yourself.

5. Have a fellow lesbian to help you pick

Before you can get the girl of your dreams, you'll have to search among a sea of women for her. Or, you can take the easy way out and ask a fellow lesbian friend for help. She could be your pal from school or someone you met at your workplace. Don't fear to ask for help. If she's your friend, then you can talk to her freely. You'll be surprised at how fast you'll get a woman that's just right for you.

6. Don't play with her feelings

If you've decided that you're ready for dating, make sure that there's no one else you're seeing. It saves you from the struggle of being with more than one person. Plus, women are more dangerous once they realize their feelings are being played with, so you may want to step into the lesbian dating arena when you're as free as a bird.

7. Private works better

Instead of choosing to go to a public place with her, go to a private place where you'll both have the chance to be free. It could be your place or hers. The connection is stronger when you have no one else around to ruin the moment. Chances of a second date rely heavily on whether she'll love the first one, so go the extra mile to make it special.

8. Keep the conversation fun

It's a special moment for both of you. Start conversations that'll attract her attention. Try not to get too deep, just tell her how beautiful you think she is and then choose those details about you that will appeal to her. Remember it's the first date. The more dates you go on with her, the freer you are to open up about yourself more.

9. Be a good listener

On that note, as you share about yourself, make sure that you give her time to speak as well, and listen to her. You could nod as she speaks to let her know that you're all ears.